About Us

Company Mission
To provide our customers with the UK's first dedicated Internet china matching service for discontinued patterns. We aim to offer customers replacement or additional items of china, porcelain and pottery to match their existing tableware, tea ware and dinner service patterns which are no longer in production. These items are offered at reasonable prices, accompanied by impeccable service.

Who are we
Lost Pottery is a family business operating from North Yorkshire in England, delivering china throughout the country and world-wide. The hunt for pieces of porcelain in early 1999 led to establishing the discontinued china and pottery matching service in order to aid other people in their search for obsolete designs. The service seems to be very popular, particularly with people trying to replace a piece of tableware from discontinued designs. With many manufacturers having as many as 100 current patterns at any one time, plus those that have gone out of production, the list is endless.

What do we do
We endeavour to match customers china and pottery designs, which in most cases are patterns which have been discontinued many years ago. We aim to replace items from people's dinner, tea and tableware services, which get broken, Its that dreaded situation, when the dinner service you got as a wedding present many years ago, loses a plate, or tea cup in the course of the Christmas festivities. It can't be bought directly from the manufacturer anymore, because its been out of production for years. We aim to replace these items, or allow customers the opportunity of expanding their incomplete collections, both from our existing stock and from our contacts and searches.